Saturday, April 30, 2016

Getting Married at 47...

Almost a year later... we are still married and still happy.  :)  Here is the post I forgot to post...

After 5 solid years of discovering me, I am getting married to the woman I never dreamed.  I never dreamed her because I could not have possibly dreamed such an incredible person.  A modest person at that.  So I will not share her name, nor will I go on and on about all of her amazing qualities, nor will I go on and on about all that she brings to my life.  It's a lot.  A whole lot.

I will, however, go on and on about our wedding.  We are having one.  It is in our church.  A church with a 600 year tradition and when they say all are welcome, they actually do mean it.  We are living proof.  They opened their hearts and arms to our whole family.  The love us as a couple and our two boys as just regular kids.  Being a two mom household has never been an issue there.  Our kids are welcomed just as they are and so are we.

When our Priest gave his first sermon as the official Rector of our church, he said that the church as a whole has done a great disservice to our gay brothers and sisters, and while I had always felt like a member of the church, at that moment it felt like family.

So not only are we getting married, legally in our home state, we are also getting married in our church.  Two thing that neither of us thought would ever be possible in our lifetime.  So we are making it festive.   We are having a potluck and a snow-cone truck is coming.  There will be things to do with the kids and a DJ and everything.  We are having the worlds best cupcake diviner create our cupcakes and gluten free cake for my bride to be.

I have never planned a wedding.

It is in two weeks.

We sent out invitations.  Got some RSVPs.  People are bringing food.  Someone asked what if everyone brings beans?  I said, then we can have an impromptu bean tasting.  It will all be fine.  All I know is we will get married, some how there will be food.  Our boys will be there.  They are getting rings too.  They whole family is getting married.

We have both been married before.  I know I am nervous because I don't want our marriage to fall apart.  I don't want to fail again.  I have irrational dreams.  I know its just anxiety.  I know that it is because I love and care for her so deeply.  I know that not having this anxiety is worse than having it.

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