Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hello world! Layla Proudfoot is back.

  • Layla Proudfoot is back!  With a vengeance… a passion … a tired slogging forward into the next right thing.
That is probably it.  I am tired but I am slogging forward.  This is a distressing week.  I say distressing because devastating has been over used and sounds overly dramatic.  Depressing sounds defeated, so distressing it is. It is also all of those other things.
I am in the stages of grief over this election.  I haven’t reached acceptance.  I am putting distance between me and acceptance.  I am turning over chairs and tables and filing cabinets and small refrigerators in my path so it is harder for acceptance to catch me.  I don’t want to accept this.  I can’t let this ugliness become incorporated into my being.  I just can’t.
While some will cast doubt on our choice of candidates, I won’t do that either.  Did Hillary Clinton have baggage? Of course she did!  Anyone with 30, THIRTY years of experience will have baggage.  ANYONE.
But just a Bodiccia fell in the end, Hillary will have her day.  Maybe 2,000 years in the future with an epic movie showing our hopes and dreams going up in flames with her.  She will have her day.  Oh but Steven Hawking only gave us 1,000 years left.  I guess that won’t happen either.  Well, we have our memories of what almost was.
The big deal about Hillary losing her glam squad because she gave a speech in no make up, well that was just her way of saying, “Bitch, hold my earrings.”  She’s not done.  Not by a long shot.
She’s “not giving up and neither should we.”
I am not giving up my inability to accept the orange one as President.  I cannot accept his cabinet as a reflection of America.  This is not right even if it is to be. (That was not acceptance.  That was a hint of resignation.)

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